1200+ Happy Birthday Dad Wishes, Images and Quotes: If you want to send love to your father for his birthday. You can send these beautiful birthday wishes with images to your father.  A father can do anything for his child. So now you want to feel special to your father on his birthday. We hope that you will like these Happy Birthday Dad Wishes, messages Images, pics, wallpapers and Quotes for dad, father who is no more, and in heaven from son and daughter.

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 1200+ Happy Birthday Dad/Father Wishes, Images and Quotes

Happy birthday wishes for Father quotes

Birthday wishes for dad quotes

Happy birthday wishes for dad quotes

  1. You have been a huge support in the world and treat me like a friend every time.
  2. Dad, you are the true person whom I can trust more than anyone else.
  3. I am lucky to have a kind and understanding father like you, that everyone wishes for.
  4. You are like a large tree that is giving fruit, flowers as well as shade to the whole family.
  5. I wish this special day of yours is filled with love, joy,care, andmore fun. I am glad to have you as a father.
  6. Nothing is a big gift than the gift of love and affection that you have given me since I was born.
  7. Dad!! You are my superheroand every moment I lived with you is a memorable one.
  8. As time goes, I always wish for your happiness and hope to make it double year by year.
  9. It’s your best day and let us celebrate it with full joyous and love. You’re always a Rockstar for me.
  10. I am the best version of myself as you taught me to stay like a rock in all situations of life.
  11. No matter how many birthdays have passed on, I am always the little boy whom you taught how to fly.
  12. You have showcased all love and support to me. Thus, I can proudly tell the world that I have the best dad in the world.
  13. Dad, you are filled with knowledge, patience, love, and experiences that help me to become a better person on this planet.
  14. Dear Dad, I am s grateful to get an incredible and unconditional love of yours on this special day.I wish you happiness and love you so much.
  15. No gift can ever fulfillyour contribution in my life and nothing is worth than that.
  16. You are not only my father but my teacher, my friend, my motivator and supporter all the time when I need you.
  17. This family is nothing without you, dad, and what it is today, it is just because of you.
  18. A birthday is a blend of million of moments and holding a count of promises to fulfill dreams andachieve some plans.
  19. I wanted to share with you that all your love is unforgettable and we still feel it. We can’t thank god for this love.
  20. Happiest birthday to the man who taught me how to be a wise person and rise after failure.

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Happy Birthday Quotes for dad from son

Birthday wishes for dad from son

Happy Birthday wishes for dad from son

  1. It is the right time of the year when we can show you that you mean to us a lot and explain how much we care about you.
  2. We keep trying to show our feelings in front of you but we look for an apt time and it is today.
  3. You are the best dad figure in this globe and I am glad that I have you in this generation of mine.
  4. Wishing you an outstanding birthday and thanking you all the time to spend some precious hours with your children.
  5. I always want to be like you and still, I want to be because you are a perfect figure of an ideal man for me.
  6. You are a perfect example of strength as well as love and I’ll aspire to be the same kind of dad for my kids as you’re.
  7. You are the perfect man and first love of my life, I am always dedicated to you.
  8. We have watched how you take a superb turn of a great man. I wish all the coming years fulfill all your expectations.
  9. Son is the favorite part of a father’s heart and you are always an inspiration for me in my mind as well as the heart.
  10. My childhood was filled with vibrant and fantastic fun because you never make it dull for me. Even now, I smile like I always do.
  11. I have got an abundance of valuable advice, deep knowledge, and wonderful conversation in you.
  12. May this day bring all health and good luck and make it special as you want.
  13. I always appreciate the efforts that you have made and put into our relationship to make ita better time to time.
  14. No matter what, but you always bringa smile and true happiness in my life since childhood.
  15. You are the perfect father figure, thank you for being here with me all the time when I need you the most.
  16. Our memories are always bright as well as shiny all the time. They lighten up our life from the darkness.
  17. Thank you for bringing love, happiness, and sparkle in my life.
  18. My life is changing as I have grown up but the one thing that remained the same is “You” and your love.
  19. You are my pride, joy, and motivation,and a man after my own heart.
  20. It is the best time to celebrate the best person as you are and wish you a fantastic life ahead.

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Birthday messages for dad from daughter

Birthday wishes for dad from daughter

Happy Birthday wishes for dad from daughter

  1. Thank you for being in my life to hold my hand whenever I need it.
  2. Day, you work hard and now, it is the time to sit back and relax and enjoy the birthday at the fullest!!
  3. I hope that you are not at all “two-tired” to enjoy and celebrate this day. Have an awesome birthday, dad!!
  4. I wish the coming year will be a big one for you and you will be happy all the time. Happy birthday to my dad!!
  5. You are the best person at all times, whether good or bad. Have a fantastic birthday ever!!
  6. I do not want to share this day with anyone else as today is the special day of the special person in my life.
  7. Enjoy your day and have a blasting birthday with near and dear ones. I love you and miss you so much, dad!!
  8. I hope this year will brighter and biggerthan the last one. Have a birthday bash to mysuperb dad!!
  9. Blow out the candles and wait for a while to remember how wonderful dad cum friend you are.
  10. Sending the best birthday wishes to thebest dad of this planet and I wish to a very amazing birthday today!!
  11. Today is a big day for you and this day deserves such a spectacular father like you. Happiest birthday to my dad!!
  12. Happy birthday to you dad and I am the luckiest daughter to have a dad like you.I love it so much!!
  13. I am thankful to the godfor having such a rockstar dad at home. Have an amazing birthday dad!!
  14. I will always be a little girl, no matter whatever the age is or will be. I always love you a lot and happiest birthday father!!
  15. You are precious to me as you bring strength in me and love me in all conditions!!
  16. Roses are red, violets are blue. I am lucky to have a dad like you. Have a fantastic birthday dad!!
  17. Stay happy and live long. Happiest birthday to you, dad!!
  18. I have a friend, motivator, and supporter in a person and he is none other than my father.Happy born day dad!!
  19. My dad is a perfect blend of an ideal carer and mentor who always hold me from my Back. Happiest birthday to mydad!
  20. May your birthday befilled with love and happiness? I love you a lot and a happy born day!!

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Happy Birthday wishes for Dad in Heaven

Birthday wishes for dad in heaven

  1. Happiest birthday to your dad up in heaven from your family who is missing you all the time. We love you and miss you.
  2. I miss you dad!! What would I do to grasp your hand once, see your happy face, and hear the voice? Happy birthday, dad!!
  3. I always recall your love, that smile, and the voice that I loved to see since childhood.
  4. They say it will become easier to live as the time goes but I find it too hard as I am missing you every minute.
  5. I would sacrifice anything to see that happy face of yours with a big smile and a heavy voice.
  6. Dad, your guiding hand is always on my shoulders now and forever.
  7. On this special day, I am thinking of you and give all blessings I send you o the wings of this dove.
  8. Not just today but I always think and miss you a lot. No matter, whatever the time is.
  9. I am sending my best wishes to you dad, even I know you are not here.
  10. You are always in my heart, no matter wherever you’re. I love you, dad!!

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Happy Birthday wishes for Papa in one line

Birthday wishes for dad in one line

  1. Wishing you all love and happiness on this special day, happy birthday papa!!
  2. You are my inspiration and support. Happiest birthday papa!!
  3. I pray to the lord for having an amazing birthday of yours.
  4. You are a perfect dad like a husband. Happiest birthday papa.
  5. Happy birthday dad and I wish god will give you everything that you want.
  6. You are the best dad in this world. Happy birthday papa!!
  7. Hope you have a fantastic birthday today. Happy birthday, dear!!
  8. I am holding all your memories now and forever. Happy birthday, papa!!
  9. I miss you and want to celebrate this special day with you. Have a great birthday!!
  10. Happiest birthday to the best dad of this universe!!

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Birthday wishes for dad from a married daughter

Birthday wishes for dad from a married daughter

  1. Happiest birthday to the coolest dad ever and it’s your special day so we celebrate it to the fullest.
  2. Even though you grow up year by year, still you’re my hero. Happiest birthday dad!!
  3. Dear dad, happiest birthday!! No matter whatever it is but I am always the biggest fan of yours.
  4. Happy birthday, dad!! I hope this special day will be as special as you want. I am lucky to have you!!
  5. I am glad to have such a cool and awesome dad ever who knows all ins and outs of mine all the time. Have a fantastic birthday, Dad!!
  6. I am your daughter and always the closest one to your heart. Happiest birthday tothe dad!!
  7. I wish today is full of love as well as happiness with peace of mind that you deserve. Happiest birthday to my best dad!!
  8. You’re a real catch and you deserve to be the one who is full of love as well as relaxation on this best day of your life.
  9. Happiest birthday to the favorite person of my life who always motivates and encourages me all the time. Happy birthday to my father!!
  10. Thank you for always be my side and lend a helping hand whenever I need it. Have a birthday bash with my father!!

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Happy Birthday Images for a Father who is no more

Birthday wishes for a dad who is no more

  1. I always love you and miss you as you were the one with whom I can share all things. Happiest birthday dad!!
  2. You have the pure heart for all times when we were together. Happy birthday to the best dad of all times!!
  3. You let make the sun shine brighter, you break in the clouds. Happiest birthday and I love you a lot!!
  4. Hope you spend all the time doing things you love. Hope you have a wonderful celebration in heaven.
  5. You taught me a lot of things that meant a lot for my whole life. Happiest birthday to the dad!!
  6. I know you are always protecting me from heaven and looking at me all day and night. Happiest birthday to my dad!!
  7. I am thankful to God that we have shared some unforgettable memories to spend time together. Happiest birthday to dad in heaven!!
  8. On this special day of my dad, the words are not enough to express how much I still miss and love you. Have a lovely birthday dad!!
  9. You will always in my heart, now and forever. Happy birthday to you!!
  10. There is nothing better than having such a fantastic dad like you and that happy person of my life is on here anymore. Happy birthday to my dad!!

Birthday wishes for Son

Birthday wishes for Sister

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