Romantic Happy Birthday Quotes for My Love: This occasion certainly becomes more special when it is the birthday of your love. Wishing Happy Birthday to your near and dear is not merely a formality rather it is many miles ahead to shower your utmost love care respect  upon them.

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Although in general wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY means to wish them happiness prosperity love in their life but when it comes to your loving partner then it has totally a different connotation altogether as it is not only wishing him happiness rather it is showering your love and affection upon him.

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On this special we get overwhelm and our feelings are at its peak and we want to shower all our love upon them. Our HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish may fill his heart full of happiness and may take him to the flight of ecstasy Therefore here are some of the quotes which will help you to shower your love to your partner on his birthday.

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350+ Romantic Happy Birthday Quotes for My Love

Happy birthday My love Quotes

  1. This day belongs to my love, enjoy your birthday. Wishing you very incredible day dear.
  2. You are simply an outstanding lover, your love makes me feel proud, happy birthday my handsome love.
  3. Every corner of my heart wishing you a very happy birthday my love.
  4. On this special occasion I wish lots of happiness and smiles to the sexiest and hottest babe of the world, Happy Birthday.
  5. Happy Birthday dear! You are the peak of love compassion and care.
  6. You are the ocean of tremendous love and without you I am nothing, Happy Birthday dear.
  7. On your day, I am sending you a beautiful present of kisses and love, Happy Birthday dear.
  8. My only desire on your birthday is to embrace you and kiss you, Happy Birthday dear.
  9. Have a splendid day my love, wishing you a very happy and joyful happy birthday.
  10. Birthday wishes to a person who is having a pious soul and kind heart, love you my love.
  11. I wish I could make this day full of fun, love, and joy in a same manner as you have made my whole life, happy birthday sweet love.
  12. Words are not enough to describe your importance in my life, you mean everything to me, Happy Birthday dear.
  13. It’s your day my love, cheers and live life to its full, Happy Birthday dear.
  14. You are the most adorable person on the earth for me my love, Happy Birthday.
  15. Every beat of my heart is the evidence of the fact that how much your angel love to you, Happy Birthday love.
  16. May this birthday of yours become the most memorable and most amazing birthday of your life, Happy Birthday dear.
  17. Wishing you a wonderful happy birthday my princess, the whole universe is your kingdom today.
  18. All my warm hugs and love kisses are exclusively for you my love, Happy Birthday dear.
  19. Best birthday wishes to the most innocent and sweet person existing on this planet, Happy Birthday dear.
  20. All beautiful flowers are for my sweet red rose, Happy Birthday dear.

Happy birthday my love

Happy birthday My Love Wishes

  1. On your birthday I have only desire to celebrate your this birthday together and to remain intact with you as your soulmate.
  2. Happy birthday to my love, you are the sole reason for my smile which I do even in adverse situations because of the support you provide to me.
  3. Even I am confused how should I address you? You are my love, my friend, my guide, my peace of mind and in short you are everything for me, happy birthday.
  4. You are such an amazing blend of beauty with simplicity, Love you darling, Happy birthday.
  5. On your birthday I wish only positive vibes to you and all negative thoughts may get vanished from your mind and life, happy birthday.
  6. My love I am extremely happy on your birthday, do remember my heart beats because of you and for you only.
  7. I know I am in your heart but you also remember that you are also in my heart, we would not get apart, happy birthday.
  8. Your warm hugs not only make my feel secure but it also soothens my body and makes me stress and tension free, Happy birthday love.
  9. My love I am for you and I am ready to do anything today to bring smile on your face even if you say I can dance also, happy birthday my sweet love.
  10. I love you unconditionally and passionately my love, I am living only for you, happy birthday.
  11. You are my true piece of mind and if you go away even for a single moment from me then I desperate to die, Happy birthday.
  12. You are very special person for me, your value can not be equated in any currency, you stand above than all, happy birthday my love.
  13. My love on your special day I want to tell you that my love is increasing day by day for you, happy birthday love.
  14. Every morning I get up to see your smiling face, happy birthday.
  15. Today is a day when my dream girl has made her entry into the world, happy birthday my gorgeous babe.
  16. My love for you is eternal, I smile because I am having the best person in my life, Happy birthday.
  17. The most pleasant thing has ever happened to me is the occasion when you have accepted my proposal of love, Happy birthday.
  18. Our love is unique and having its own distinction, we both live in this world only for each other, happy birthday my love.
  19. I am in love with the person who loves me more than his life and on this special day I am sending warm kisses for him.
  20. My journey of life begins with you and ends on you, happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Lover

  1. My love I feel myself to have been privileged by yours love, be with me always, happy birthday.
  2. Life seems to be difficult without yours love, I have completely lost myself in you, Happy birthday dear.
  3. Every moment of my life is yours, for you I smile and for me you should also smile because my life needs your smile always, happy birthday.
  4. I have not seen the heaven but your love has made this earth virtually a heaven, happy birthday.
  5. The best day of my life the day when you have expressed your feelings to me and since then I have dedicated my every feelings to you my love, happy birthday.
  6. On your birthday I want to express my every feeling for you on a piece of paper but I do not think that any pen would help me to write everything about you on piece of paper, happy birthday.
  7. Whenever I feel myself surrounded by problems your love comes and takes all problems away from me, happy birthday love.
  8. Your innocence fetches me towards you and your love makes me the happiest person of the world, happy birthday.
  9. I may not remain with you always but my love for you would be immortal, happy birthday.
  10. Happiest birthday to the sweetest person of the earth, do you know none else could have won my heart because it was beating since beginning for you only, Happy birthday.
  11. You love me so much irrespective of many flaws and shortcoming in me, happy birthday.
  12. You have brought all the sunshine and happiness into my life, happy birthday.
  13. You are the beat of my heart, I feel myself to be most fortunate because you have found me of worth loving, happy birthday love.
  14. Your trust upon me has helped me to achieve my goals, without your support all would have not been totally impossible, happy birthday.
  15. Your love is so passionate that my heart gets ablaze when you come close to me, happy birthday.
  16. As and when I meet you, I forget this world and go to metaphysical world, happy birthday love.
  17. You have done everything to make my life full of happiness, in your arms I feel myself fully secured, happy birthday.
  18. The word happiness was too far unless you have started loving me, the day you accepted me I got accomplishment in my life, happy birthday sweet love.
  19. My love whenever you cut the cake then have one thing in your mind that my love for you is endless, I would be keep loving you even after my death, happy birthday.
  20. No one can bring smile on my face whenever I am sad except you, your very presence in my life make me the happiest, happy birthday love.

happy birthday to my love

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Husband

  1. You are the most amazing husband of the world, my every day becomes very special with your presence in my life, happy birthday my hubby.
  2. After your arrival in my life, I have understood the value of true love, happy birthday my sweet hubby.
  3. It is your birthday but I am feeling myself flying in the sky without wings, happy birthday.
  4. Happy birthday to my hubby, I wish your life be as delighted as the candles on your birthday cake.
  5. You are so courteous to me even on my stupid thing and this makes me crazy about you, happy birthday.
  6. Your presence in my life ensures my happiness and without you I cannot imagine myself, happy birthday love.
  7. You are the best husband and you deserve only best in your life and so the god has given me to you, happy birthday.
  8. Your love and care have made our marriage a sacrament, happy birthday love.
  9. My life with you is a treasury and you are my treasurer, happy birthday love.
  10. My day becomes bright when you are with me, without you this sunshine becomes dull and dim, happy birthday love.
  11. I am thankful to God for every blessing such as health wealth and family but giving you in my life stands the best blessing, happy birthday love.
  12. You have come in my life as husband but with the passage of time you have become my best friend, happy birthday love.
  13. I know you are getting older day by day but your love is getting deeper than the previous days, happy birthday love.
  14. My love just look into my eyes and you will feel pride after seeing that you are in my eyes, happy birthday love.
  15. Your presence has filled all color of rainbow in my life, be with me forever my love, happy birthday.
  16. On your birthday I would like to share one thing with you that you are very sweet and innocent person who has given me everything which I have deserved ever in my life, happy birthday love.
  17. Your old age is no bar on your dynamic personality, you are still handsome and the sexiest, happy birthday love.
  18. Journey with you has been very pleasant and comfortable my love, happy birthday hubby.
  19. It is difficult to tell how many times in a day you run in my mind, I say you exist every time in my heart and my mind, happy birthday love.
  20. My sweet hubby despite some wrinkles on your face, you still look dashing and handsome, happy birthday love.

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Happy Birthday Love Quotes For Him

  1. My happiness gets multiple whenever you come to meet me, happy birthday love.
  2. May our bonding remain intact forever, happy birthday sweet love.
  3. Happy birthday to a man who makes me happy when I am sad, loves me more than my dad.
  4. I get panic even with a thought of losing you in my life, stay at my side always my love, happy birthday.
  5. Falling in love with you is the best part of my life and staying with you forever would be my dream now, happy birthday love.
  6. You deserve a special warm hug and sweet kiss on your cheek on this special day, happy birthday love.
  7. You promise me to hold my hand forever and I will promise you to love you forever, happy birthday love.
  8. I love you more than chocolate for the simple reason that you are more sweet than else, happy birthday love.
  9. You are the best happening of my life, on your day I wish you achieve more success and your career becomes brighter, happy birthday love.
  10. You have become integral and indispensable part of my life, thinking life without you is impossible, happy birthday love.
  11. I am your shadow, will not get apart from you and will intact always with you, happy birthday love.
  12. You are a priceless gift for me, your value can not be equated with anything, I am now waiting for our engagement ring, happy birthday love.
  13. You are the topping of a sweet cake, sweeter than the ice cream with strawberry shake, happy birthday love.
  14. You and your love are the sole reason of the tremendous relationship which we have today, happy birthday love.
  15. It hardly matters whether you are away or near, your love remains me free from any fear, happy birthday love.
  16. Had I been the queen, I would have declared this day as national holiday, happy birthday love.
  17. I wish smile like a sunflower and cuteness like a small baby would always remain on your face, happy birthday love.
  18. After meeting you I have the answer of the question of all the intellectual persons that who I is perfect? Now I can easily say that my love is the best example of perfection, happy birthday love.
  19. This life seems to be a dream journey for any woman, thanks and happy birthday love.
  20. People may give many definitions of love but for me your love cannot be defined in any word, happy birthday love.

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Happy Birthday Love Quotes For Her

  1. My sweet babe your love for me is incredible, it is your day today, cherish every moment of today, happy birthday love.
  2. Wishing you a very happy birthday my sweet, sexy sizzling and hot beauty.
  3. Your face always revolves around me and i have totally lost myself in you, happy birthday babe.
  4. Your look kill everyone, your smile compels people to admire your beauty, happy birthday love.
  5. Without you I get bore, your beauty deserves to be adored, happy birthday love.
  6. Every morning when I get up I thank to all mighty for giving me such a sweet love, happy birthday love.
  7. Birthday is yours but celebration going on into my heart, happy birthday love.
  8. You might have born on this day for other but for me you have been sent by God exclusively for me, happy birthday love.
  9. I am thankful to god for blessing me with such a sweet person, you are like a God’s new version, happy birthday love.
  10. I cannot give any other thing now as I have already dedicated myself to you, happy birthday love.
  11. You have born this day but I have born the day you met me, stay with me forever, happy birthday love.
  12. You are very unique production of all mighty, have a very happy birthday love.
  13. I wish I could love you more than other day as it is your birthday, happy birthday love.
  14. For me every day is your birthday because I cherish every moment I spend with you, happy birthday love.
  15. Your love making me better to best, just enjoy your day and leave rest, happy birthday love.
  16. I exist in this world for you and you have made my world beautiful, happy birthday love.
  17. I am still not able to understand what good I have done in my life that such a holy soul blessed by god to me, happy birthday love.
  18. May this moment never end, party hard my love, happy birthday.
  19. I want to bring the sweetest cake on your birthday but no cake could be as sweet as my sweet love, happy birthday darling.
  20. On your birthday I am giving you big hug, happy birthday my love.

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Happy Birthday Love Quotes For Wife

  1. You are as astonishing as old wine, your smile makes me happy and fine, happy birthday my loving wife.
  2. I am happier for today as it is your birthday but I am the happiest for the thing you have done to me that you have chosen this day to celebrate with me, happy birthday love.
  3. There is not even a single day when I do not think about you, I feel I have been captivated by you, happy birthday love.
  4. The words are not enough to admire your beauty, if I start admiring your beauty from today then me many birth ends but your beauty still be remain unexpressed, happy birthday love.
  5. On this day a beautiful princess born to her parents and I am luckiest she has become my wife later, happy birthday love.
  6. You stand first among all the sweet person I have interacted in my life, happy birthday love.
  7. I bring you into my house as bride but you have turned out to be a best companion on whom I feel fully proud, happy birthday love.
  8. Red roses may get wither and die, I give you my heart to you on your birthday, happy birthday love.
  9. You have remained my real strength during my bad time, love you my sweet wife and keep supporting me for rest of my life, happy birthday love.
  10. Life has changed with passage of time and we have grown old but one thing which still very much intact is your love for me, happy birthday sweet wife.
  11. Your love for me is as deep as the ocean and it is as great as the great sky, happy birthday love.
  12. Hey birthday girl would you go on a date with me, I would make you feel special on your special day, happy birthday sweet wife.
  13. This day is very special to me as me lucky charm born on this day, happy birthday my young and sweet wife.
  14. Let me do some mischief, kindly allow me to kiss your glossy cheeks, happy birthday love.
  15. On your birthday I promise that I would be loving you forever like today, happy birthday love.
  16. I have never required any light in my room as your beautiful face light up my room and none I require any perfume as your fragrance more sweet than perfume, happy birthday love.
  17. You are symbol of true love and in this love I forget the whole world, happy birthday love.
  18. Thanks for supporting me throughout from dark to sunlight, happy birthday love.
  19. When I think about your love and you my eyes get teary with happiness happy birthday love.
  20. Your beauty is increasing with the passing days, you are getting younger though your hairs are getting gray, happy birthday love.

happy birthday my love quotes

Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life

  1. Journey of life with you has become adventurous and full of thrills, happy birthday my love.
  2. You deserve happiness and I will ensure you get it, happy birthday love.
  3. Happy birthday to you sweet honey, I wish you have superb birthday today.
  4. You know I smile when you come before me and even a single thought about you make my face blush, happy birthday love.
  5. Two souls unite in one, You make my life full of fun, happy birthday my love.
  6. Nothing makes me more secure than the fact that you would always remain my side in any difficult situation, happy birthday love.
  7. Your presence brings light into my life and in your absence I feel darkness and moon without light, happy birthday.
  8. I am happy not because I am in love rather I am happy because you are my love, happy birthday baby.
  9. Trust me my love I will never break your heart and will never let your smile fade, happy birthday.
  10. You are the orchard of love and every kiss and hug of you are the symbols of sweet flower of a love orchard, happy birthday.
  11. We remain together and we remain apart but you always having special place in my heart, happy birthday.
  12. For me every day is your birthday and you are mine, without you I cannot shine, happy birthday.
  13. Your arms are the safest and most amazing home for me, never make me homeless, happy birthday.
  14. My sweet babe the day is all set to wish you very happy birthday.
  15. I am unable to understand what has happened to me, I think your love had done some magical trick on me, happy birthday.
  16. On your special day I declare to the whole world that I am in love with you, happy birthday.
  17. I am surprised how the god has sent his sweetest angel on earth and your entry into my life has made it full of worth, happy birthday.
  18. I would not let you out from my arms today and I know that you also do not want to be let out, happy birthday.
  19. It is the wish of every girl to find her true friend in her love, mine wish is fulfilled by you, happy birthday.
  20. My heart is filled with happiness only because you exist in my heart, happy birthday love.

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Happy Birthday I Love You

  1. I wish you happy birthday from the core of my heart, stay blessed and blissed.
  2. You make my every day and the day I spend without you is totally futile exercise of mine, happy birthday love.
  3. On your birthday we should make a promise with each other that we would stay together for the whole life, happy birthday love.
  4. Your love is as pious as holy book, you are a person whom I always worship, happy birthday love.
  5. Happy birthday my love, this day is the most significant day of my life because this day my prince was born.
  6. You are the person who not only makes my life worth of living but also teaches me how to live a life, happy birthday love.
  7. I wish I could make this day remarkable for you because you have made my whole life remarkable for me, happy birthday love.
  8. I was ignorant about love and all, you came and made me realized that without love our life is futile, happy birthday love.
  9. I am giving myself to you as your birthday gift, happy birthday love.
  10. Having you in life is like a dream comes true, happy birthday love.
  11. You are like a spring in autumn which can bring rain on dry day for me, happy birthday love.
  12. My eyes are desperate to see you cutting your birthday cake in evening, happy birthday love.
  13. I am sending you thousands of wishes on your birthday and these wishes are as sweet as my love.
  14. I am in relationship with you not because I was single but because I want to be with you forever, happy birthday love.
  15. Today my feelings are getting overflow because it is the birthday of my love.
  16. I do not bother to leave anything in order to bring smile on your sweet face, happy birthday love.
  17. I was afraid from falling in love but your love has taken away my all fear and love you and happy birthday dear.
  18. I know I am not the most beautiful girl of the world but one thing I am assured that I am the luckiest, happy birthday love.
  19. The best thing in our relationship is that you stay beside me even in most adverse situations, happy birthday love.
  20. Even very thought of losing you make me cry, please always love me like today, happy birthday love.

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Happy birthday quotes for my love


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350+ Romantic Happy Birthday Quotes for My Love Happy Birthday Quotes for My Love: This occasion certainly becomes more special when it is the birthday of your love. Wishing Happy Birthday to your near and dear is not merely a formality rather it is many miles ahead to shower your utmost love care respect  upon them. Also...