234+ Happy Birthday Quotes, Wishes, Messages for Uncle: Relatives are so many but there is one relation which is like our friend. Who cares like our parents and he supports in that thing also which we even hesitate to discuss with our parents.

Yes we are talking about uncle. You also have an uncle who supports you in your difficult time. Friends, is it birthday of your uncle and you want to wish your uncle so you need to see this collection. You will find here some amazing Happy Birthday Uncle Quotes which are totally unique. These are given category wise like birthday quotes and messages for uncle on his 50th birthday, funny, Short, Best Uncle, RIP, Passed Away, heavenly, maternal and paternal uncle from niece and nephew.

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You can send these quotes and wishes write down on greeting cards to show your love to your uncle. So we are giving you such collection by which you can realize to that special person more special.

234+ Happy Birthday Quotes, Wishes, Messages for Uncle

Happy Birthday Wishes for Uncle

  1. “Your presence means a lot to me! Wish you very happy birthday uncle” Happy Birthday Uncle.

  2. “My uncle is like sweet memory during bad time and my strength in crunchy moment of my life”.

  3. “My eyes overflow when I want to write something about you”.

  4. “Expressing about you in words is as difficult as pouring ocean into bucket”. Happy Birthday Uncle.

  5. “I have my uncle as my friend to whom I can share anything and who knows me better than others”.

  6. “Each moment spent with you is as memorable as fairy tale”.

  7. “I am sending best wishes to the best person of this world on his day”.

  8. “Relation with you is not like relation with rest of the person” Happy Birthday Uncle.

  9. “Wishing you best wishes to the incredible person who stands beside me every time on his day”.

  10. “I wish to God that all dreams of your come true and you reach to your desired goal with flying color”.

  11. “You are away from me but I feel your presence with me as and when I recalls sweet memories I have with you” Happy Birthday Uncle.

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Happy Birthday Uncle- Niece Quotes

  1. “May you attain all success my sweet and loving uncle who is my partner in crime too”.

  2. “Wish you very happy birthday to a person who loves me as his daughter and always ready to fulfill my all demands”.

  3. “I have you at side always irrespective of the fact whether I am right or wrong. Happy birthday my sweet uncle”.

  4. “Wish you very happy birthday to my versatile actor who has played the role of father, uncle, friend, my lucky charm, guide in my life”.

  5. “I love you uncle not for the reason that you are part of my family but you have been my true well wisher throughout my journey of life”.

  6. “Happy birthday uncle! Thanks for carrying the lantern on my path and guiding me in my life”.

  7. “I think I could have not achieved what I have achieved because you were at my side. Love you uncle”.

  8. “Expression of your importance in my life cannot be explained in words. You are truly my well wisher”.

  9. “Thank you god for giving me my uncle to me! You are my inspiration and my mentor”.

  10. “This day I wish all glory and achievements to you my handsome and super stylish uncle”.

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Happy Birthday Uncle-Nephew Wishes

  1. “My uncle is my second father for me, kindly keep blessing your love and affection on me always. Love you uncle”.

  2. “You are the best uncle on the planet, best friend for me on the earth”.

  3. “Coolest attitude and calmness in mind make my uncle the perfect uncle for me. Stay beside me uncle”.

  4. “Uncle you are my Santa Claus! Always fulfill my all wishes. Love you uncle”.

  5. “I have learnt strength and tolerance from you my amazing uncle. Your tolerance is like a steady rock”.

  6. “My parents are my creator but you are my preserver. Your footsteps always have been the guide for me”.

  7. “All my virtues are the legacy of you my sweet uncle. Without you I am nothing”.

  8. “My uncle is like ice cream, having many flavors and many colors. Nevertheless enriched with sweetness”.

  9. “I committed many mischief but you smile without saying any harsh word to me”.

  10. “Happy birthday to my sweet uncle. You have made my life full of worth and purposeful”.

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Happy Birthday Uncle-Funny Messages

  1. “Wish you very happy birthday to my whole time credit card and my banker. Keep showering your love especially gifts on me my uncle”.

  2. “My uncle fulfills my all demands legitimate and some time illegitimate in order to make me happy”.

  3. “This birthday has made you more aged and old my sweet but aged uncle”.

  4. “I cannot stop laughing when mother says you also look like your monkey uncle”.

  5. “Happy birthday to the coolest uncle but whom I can befool anytime.

  6. I am desperate to meet my sweet uncle but please give me party this time at least”.

  7. “Uncle you are the smartest uncle but your smartness fades before me”.

  8. “Uncle I wish to God at least on your birthday you won’t be scolded by grandfather”.

  9. “Uncle please increase my pocket money on your birthday otherwise I will not bring gift for you”.

  10. “On your birthday I take resolution that I will not tease you anymore but please tell why grandfather scold you always”.

Amazing happy birthday quotes for uncle

Happy Birthday Uncle-RIP, Passed Away Quotes

  1. “Uncle physically you are not with me but I always feel your presence with me.

  2. God has taken you and we have parted away but you are still in my heart and would always remain in my heart uncle”.

  3. “I feel alone without you but I always smile for you because you lived here for my happiness”.

  4. “God has brought you back but none can take sweet time and moments I spent with you my sweet uncle”.

  5. “Uncle you have passed away but your teachings would keep enlightening me on my path of life”.

  6. “Your absence in my life is irreparable loss to me but I know you are watching me still”.

  7. “I become touchy and my eyes overflow whenever I remember you but on this day I am wishing you happy birthday with smile on my face”.

  8. “Uncle, I am smiling for you because I know you can rest in peace only if I smile for you”.

  9. “On this special day I would like to thanks the pious soul who gave me tremendous love and affection during his life time”.

  10. “My treasury is stolen by god by taking you away from me but your memories are priceless gifts still in my possession”.

Happy Birthday Uncle-Heaven Quotes

  1. “My heart broken my eyes are teary but I am still happy because you are seeing me from heaven surrounded by angels”.

  2. “I promise to you my uncle that I would become the same person you had desired about me during your lifetime”.

  3. “You left us on the earth and have gone to next world but I feel your presence in my all achievements”.

  4. “Uncle you are in the lap of god but you would also remain in my heart too”.

  5. It is my wish on your birthday that all angels altogether sing birthday wishes to my sweet uncle.

  6. Your death was the nightmare for me my dear uncle but I know you are smiling in heaven and seeing me from there.

  7. One can forget taking breath but I cannot forget all those things you have done for me my loving uncle.

  8. I get overwhelmed on recalling the time I spent with you and your memories are immortal for me.

  9. Wishing you very happy birthday uncle. Keep blessing and showering your love from heaven upon me.

  10. I still cannot believe that the person whom I admire always is not with me. Love you my second father.

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Happy Birthday Uncle-Short Wishes

  1. Happy birthday my childhood companion.

  2. You are integral part of my life.

  3. None can be as great as my great uncle.

  4. Thanks for bearing my all mischief uncle.

  5. May god bless you more power to bear me my sweet uncle.

  6. My uncle is my inspiration and my guide.

  7. Life is going smoothly only because I have my uncle with me.

  8. My day does not complete unless tease you my sweet uncle.

  9. On your special day wish u great success and wealth my uncle.

  10. Wishing you best wishes from bottom of my heart uncle.

50th happy birthday quotes for uncle

50th Happy Birthday to Uncle Messages

  1. Uncle you are still young and energetic and this 50th birthday seems to be 30th birthday only.

  2. Days are passing swiftly but glow on my uncle’s face is still very much intact.

  3. One can’t believe that it is your golden jubilee rather it seems you are celebrating silver jubilee only.

  4. You are celebrating your 50th birthday but you still look like to be as cool and young as my friend.

  5. One can easily be bluffed by seeing you as your face and body language does not reflect that you are 50 years old.

  6. You may grow old by number uncle but your attitude still overcome your age. Keep going uncle.

  7. Celebration will never be deemed despite the fact it is your 50th birthday for us it is the golden jubilee of our great king uncle.

  8. Uncle keep enjoying your life to its full and celebration of today would be the beginning of new era.

  9. One may grow old but would always remain gold and uncle is the prime example of this.

  10. Number means nothing for my dashing uncle. You are still handsome and young like my 30 years back uncle.

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Happy Birthday Wishes to Best Uncle

  1. Wishing best wishes on the best day to the best uncle of the earth.

  2. May God give all happiness and blessing to the best uncle of mine who is my friend too.

  3. My relation with my uncle is as best as my best uncle.

  4. I am having the best person as my best uncle.

  5. All the best beauties of nature are here to wish best wishes to my best uncle.

  6. I am going to say a big thank you to god for blessing me the best uncle of the world.

  7. I have the best gift of god in the shape of best uncle.

  8. My biggest achievement of my life is none else than my best uncle.

  9. I can leave anything for you but can’t leave my best uncle for anything.

  10. All my hurries worries eliminate when my best uncle stands my side.

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Happy Birthday Maternal Uncle

  1. There is someone whose services cannot be valued in money i.e. The maternal uncle. Happy Birthday to my Uncle

  2. Love of maternal uncle is metaphysical. Happy Birthday Loving Uncle

  3. Relation between nephew and maternal uncle is better than the best.

  4. Love of maternal uncle is immortal. Happy Birthday Uncle

  5. No one can ascertain the depth of maternal uncle’s Love.

  6. If one has maternal uncle than he has all, without the maternal uncle all can fall.

  7. Maternal uncle loves his sister children from bottom of the heart.

  8. Selfless love is the best virtue of maternal uncle. Happy Birthday To Uncle

  9. Maternal uncle is the sole person on the earth who loves without consideration.

  10. Love of maternal uncle takes us from the stage of gloom to the stage of ecstasy.

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Happy Birthday Paternal Uncle

  1. Paternal Uncle is one who stands for you in all hardships and difficulties.

  2. Blessing of paternal Uncle works more than your luck. Happy Birthday My Uncle

  3. Paternal Uncle is one who can be compared with none.

  4. Paternal Uncle loves his nephew to the extent of infinity.

  5. Paternal Uncle’s love and care is never ending process. Happy Birthday To My Uncle

  6. All expect something, paternal Uncle expect nothing.

  7. Paternal Uncle is the person, whose sun rises and sets in your care.

  8. Paternal Uncle loves his nephew like anything. Happy Birthday to You Uncle

  9. None can care more, than your paternal Uncle.

  10. Paternal Uncle is like an oasis in desert Land. Happy Birthday Uncle

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