422+ Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes for Elder Brother: Hello friends, we all respect our elder brother. They are the symbol of true care, love and compassion. They are ready to everything for us and in every situation, they help us. On your elder’s brother birthday, we want to make his birthday special by sharing these happy birthday wishes for elder brother. We know that by just sharing these happy birthday quotes and messages for your elder brother is not enough. You should show you love by giving them some gift and party.

happy birthday wishes for elder brother

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For a sister his elder brother is everything for her. Let’s make some funny wishes for him and make this day awesome for elder brother on his Birthday.

422+ Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes for Elder Brother

Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

  1. You are the best. You are my hero. Happy Birthday Bro.
  2. Happy Birthday, my best friend and inspiration. Enjoy your day my big bro.
  3. Thank you my big brother, for always being there and supporting me. Have a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday My Big Bro.
  4. Your love is special for me and it cannot be compared with another love of this world. Happy Birthday My Hero, My Brother.
  5. You are not only a wonderful brother but also an amazing person. Happy birthday My Wonderful Brother.
  6. On your special day, you deserve lots of hugs, love and gifts. I will give you all of them. Happy Birthday My Elder Brother..
  7. I am very thankful for everything that you have done for me. Wishing you a very happy birthday my hero, my brother.
  8. Happy Birthday to the best brother of this universe. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy your birthday.
  9. On this special day, I wish your all dreams come true. Wish you a great birthday my Elder Brother.
  10. My brother, you are stronger and an amazing man. On your special day all happiness comes in your way. Happy Birthday Bro.
  11. I proud to have an amazing brother like you. Wishing you a very happy birthday my big brother.
  12. Happy Birthday my big bro, you are my best friend and my role model. Have a amazing day. Happy Birthday.
  13. No one can replace you because you are very special person for me. Happy Birthday Big Bro.
  14. Happy Birthday big Bro. I am so lucky to have a wonderful brother in my life. Have a fantastic birthday.
  15. You are the best brother of this planet. On this special day, I wish you a very amazing birthday.
  16. Sending you love, big hugs and my best wishes on your birthday. Happy birthday superhero.
  17. My big brother, you are my inspiration and my mentor. Wishing you a great birthday. Happy Birthday.
  18. Happy Birthday to my cool and handsome big brother. On your special day, happiness comes in your way.
  19. It is special day as a very special person comes in my life and that is you brother. Love you so much. Happy birthday my elder Brother.
  20. Happy birthday to my dashing brother. I wish your day is filled with joy and happiness. Have a great birthday.

happy birthday quotes for elder brother

Elder Brother Birthday Status

  1. Happy birthday my protector, my hero. Have a very happy birthday my big brother.
  2. May this birthday give you a shining and beautiful life. Happy Birthday dear brother.
  3. Happy birthday my sweet elder brother. May god decorate your life with love, smiles and happiness.
  4. May god beautify your life with colors of rainbow. Happy Birthday Bro. I love You.
  5. Happy birthday to the best companion of this earth. Love you my elder brother.
  6. I am the luckiest person of this world to have a brother like you who is very caring and loving. Happy Birthday dear brother.
  7. On this special day, I just want to say that, I am very glad to have an awesome brother like you in my life.
  8. Sending birthday wishes wrapped with love and care to my supporter. Happy Birthday my Big Bro.
  9. We are a team and our relationship is unbreakable. Happy Birthday my sweet companion.
  10. You are not only my brother but also my pride. Have a wonderful birthday my big bro.
  11. May god give you joy, success, and happiness in your life. Happy Birthday Bro. Love you.
  12. You are a very special part of my life. Have a wonderful birthday to my wonderful big brother.
  13. My brother’s love is a treasure for me. Happy birthday greatest brother.
  14. God decorate your life each golden rays of sun with smiles, happiness and prosperity. Happy Birthday Brother.
  15. On your birthday, I just want to say you are the best combination of a sweet brother and a villain. Happy Birthday My hero.
  16. Wishing you a happy birthday bro. you are very precious gift that is given by god.
  17. There is only one human who is not replaceable- that is you my big bro. Happy birthday dear brother.
  18. You are my pride, my inspiration and my ideal. Happy birthday dear big brother.
  19. I always want a brother like you-Today, Tomorrow and forever. Happy Birthday brother.
  20. Happy Birthday My loveliest Brother. I had asked god for a brother but he gave me a friend, mentor, supporter.

happy birthday quotes for elder brother Pictures

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

  1. You are not only my big brother but also my drinking buddy. Happy birthday my devil brother.
  2. Happy birthday handsome devil. May your life be filled with smiles and love.
  3. Happy birthday my elder brother and crazy friend from your superior younger brother.
  4. There is only one big thing about my brother and it is his ego. Happy birthday big bro.
  5. We brought you from the dustbin. Have a greatest birthday bro.
  6. You get all the happiness and joy in your life. But don’t forget to give your birthday party. Happy birthday bro.
  7. Happy birthday my crime partner. Have an amazing and wonderful birthday.
  8. I have many troublemakers in my life but my favorite is my big brother. Happy Birthday.
  9. When I start calling you handsome and intelligent. It does not mean that you become the one. Still you are a monkey. Happy birthday king of monkey.
  10. Happy birthday to you my elder brother, no need to say thanks, I know I am the greatest.
  11. I am very happy today because this day will always remind you that you are older than me. Happy Birthday my big brother.
  12. You cannot change the past, you cannot predict what can happen in the future and yes forget about the present, I am with you. Happy Birthday my Brother.
  13. You should not worry about your age; I know you are getting older day by day but what can we do? Happy birthday my old brother.
  14. You owe me this respect; you get respect from mom because I have done nothing in my life. And I am not going to anything by the way. Happy Birthday my big brother.
  15. To my handsome brother, Happy birthday, getting old is really not what you want but always try to look on the bright side.
  16. Happy Birthday my elder brother. Always say thanks to God because He has given you this precious gift, yes ME.
  17. You have only one think that is very good about you. Yes, you are my elder brother. Happy Birthday Bro.
  18. Happy birthday my big brother. What’s your age, sorry it has become difficult for me to count so many years 😀
  19. Happy birthday to the brother of coolest guy on the planet and its ME.
  20. Wrinkles has started to come on you face. Happy Birthday to the latest wrinkle on your face my elder brother.

funny birthday wishes for elder brother

Birthday Message for Elder Brother

  1. No matter how far we are, still we are one. Happy birthday sweet bro.
  2. I just pray to god – your path is adorned with flowers and their fragrance makes your life happy. Happy birthday dear brother.
  3. Today is birthday of the best man in this world and this is my brother. Happy birthday brother.
  4. I hope your special day brings lots of joy, happiness, love and fun. Have a wonderful ad great birthday.
  5. Happy birthday to the best man in this world. Enjoy your day brother.
  6. Our relationship is sometimes sweet and sometimes sour but still we are siblings. Happy birthday bro.
  7. Sending you warm birthday wishes with your favorite chocolate cake and gifts. Happy birthday my dear brother.
  8. This birthday you can eat the entire cake but next birthday you have to share it with me. Happy birthday my caring brother.
  9. Your existence in my make it more delightful and colorful. Happy birthday to the world’s best brother.
  10. Happy birthday dear brother. You are the soul of our family.
  11. Happy birthday my awesome brother. I can’t imagine my life without you. I love You.
  12. My brother is caring, strong, ambitious, positive and off course awesome. Happy birthday handsome.
  13. In childhood we always fought to each other. But now I realize it was our love. Happy Birthday dude.
  14. Life is easy with brothers. Happy birthday world’s greatest brother.
  15. Thank you brother, I remember when you stood with me in my darkest time. Happy birthday my hero.
  16. The love of a brother is more powerful than the romance. Happy birthday bro. Love You
  17. Your friends may be betrayed but your brother always save you. Happy birthday my supporter.
  18. I am very lucky because I have a brother who always saves me from all conflicts. Happy birthday my superhero.
  19. There are many types of brother like kind, caring, naughty but you are the best brother in this planet. Happy birthday my dashing bro.
  20. Best friends can read what is in your mind, but only a brother can feel what is in your heart. Happy birthday my big brother, I love You.

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Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother from Sister

  1. Everything can be change in this universe but my brother’s love cannot be change. Happy birthday my sweet brother.
  2. Weather keeps changing and new thing turns in old but my brother’s love is constant forever. Happy birthday real hero.
  3. My childhood enemy has turned into my best friend. You know who is this person- this is my big brother is. Happy birthday dear bro.
  4. There is only one person who knows about my secrets, understand my feelings and read my mind- he is my brother. Happy Birthday my sweet brother.
  5. Today is your birthday and just want to say I have a special bond with you. Happy birthday lovely bro.
  6. The combination of a little sister and an elder brother is sweet for us but dangerous for other. Happy birthday my gang member.
  7. When you with me, I feel; I am at the secure place in the planet. Happy Birthday cute brother.
  8. Our relationship is unique because our understanding and definition of love is unique. Happy Birthday sweet bro. Love You.
  9. Happy birthday best bro. When my brother around me, people see the best version of me.
  10. Our combination is cute for us but nightmare for our enemies. Happy Birthday head of my gang.
  11. My favorite childhood picture is that my brother has been holding my hands. Happy birthday dear brother.
  12. My Dear brother I just want to say never leave me alone. happy birthday, love you brother.
  13. I feel so proud and happy when my friends say I am lucky because I have a brother like you. Happy B day bro.
  14. Wishing you a very great birthday my brother. I am not your prefect sister but you are my perfect brother of this universe.
  15. Only a smart sister (like me) can handle a stupid brother (like you). Have a wonderful day.
  16. There should be a award for futile brother, I am sure you win this award without nomination. Happy b day, have a great day.
  17. I am very lucky to have a caring elder brother like you. Have an amazing birthday my loving bro.
  18. Having a brother like you it is my good destiny. Happy birthday cute and sweet brother.
  19. I want to thank for being a caring, protective and loving brother. Wish you a very best birthday.
  20. My brother solves my all problems so I call him broogle. Happy birthday bro.

birthday wishes for elder brother from sister

Birthday Quotes for Elder Brother

  1. “May your birthday be as special as you are! Wishing you a very amazing and awesome birthday.”
  2. “Happy birthday hero! I wish, not only today, but all your day be beautiful. Enjoy your day with lots of fun. Love you.”
  3. “Happy birthday handsome! I can’t explain how important you are in my life.”
  4. “My brother you are my best friend and I can share my all secrets with you. Enjoy your big day with joy.”
  5. “You have given me smile and love. I hope you smile on your special day. Happy Birthday.”
  6. “Your cheerful words always inspire me. Have a happy birthday.”
  7. “Roses are red and violets are blue, I have a great brother like you. Happy Birthday my wonderful brother.”
  8. “I don’t have like any super hero because I have mine. My Big Brother. On your birthday lets have a hard party.”
  9. “You are like my friend, my father, my guardian and my motivator. Yes, you are all in one my big brother. Happy Birthday to the dashing Big Brother.”
  10. “Hey God, I have no words how to thank you, you made my life so easy because you given me my Big Brother. Happy Birthday Big Bro.”
  11. “I know how much you love me big brother. There is not limit of your love. Thanks for the support and care you have in your heart for me.”
  12. “One day we will go for sky diving for sure my brother but first, you will jump. ha ha Happy Birthday.”
  13. “Brother are not just any relation with blood to anyone but they are everything like our friends. Happy birthday my big brother.”
  14. “If I have to choose between God and My big Brother. Then I will say sorry to God because my brother is my God.”
  15. “Hey brother, I have become big enough. Can I join your booze party now?” Happy birthday my big brother.
  16. “You are the person who have shown enormous care, compassion and support for me always.” You are the best bro. Happy birthday to you.
  17. “Best friends are time dependent, but big brothers are far from time because they stay throughout your life with you.” Happy birthday to the charming big brother.
  18. “I want to come second in all the good situation of my life because first position is reserved for my big Brother.”
  19. “I have no fear of anything because when a big brother is like you is with me then even fear cannot touch me.” Happy Birthday My Brother.
  20. “My whole world revolves around you my brother. You are best gift given by my mom and dad to me.” Happy Birthday My loving Brother.
  21. “There was a time when I was just broken but you always stood beside me and see here, I am wishing you a very happy birthday to my big brother.”
  22. “You have always given hope and encouragement to me whenever I felt down.” You are best buddy big brother. Happy birthday.
  23. “Sometimes word cannot explain what we feel for anyone, but there is only one world that comes into my mind, and that is ” Happy birthday.
  24. “My heart always says that there is one person who will never let me down and make me feel alone and this is you my big brother.” Happy birthday.
  25. “You are my loin, there is no one in this world who can haunt me.” Thanks, big brother for being in my life. Happy birthday.

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