180+ Happy Birthday Grandma Quotes, Wishes, Messages: You are the luckiest person if you have a grand mother because your grandmother is equal to your mother. As we can define the mother love same thing with grandmother.

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The love of Grandma is a combination of love and affection, warm and kindness. So You can show your love for your grandma on her birthday.

Happy birthday Granny

We are providing some beautiful Grandma Birthday Quotes with images. You can use these Quotes on cards and a surprise to your Grandmother. You can get Happy Birthday Images, Wishes, messages for Your Grandma with Images of Cake, Flowers, Balloon from grand son and daughter and grandma in heaven. 

Happy Birthday Grandma Quotes, Wishes, Messages

Happy Birthday Wishes for Grandmother

  1. My Grandma is very sweet and kind hearted women in this world. Happy Birthday Grandma.

  2. Happy birthday to the best grandma on this planet. I Love You.

  3. You are amazing and wonderful member of our family. You are the one who binds us together. Happy Birthday My Sweet Grandma.

  4. Wishing you a very happy birthday grandma. I wish you feel special on this special day. I love You.

  5. Happy birthday to the best grandma in the universe. Enjoy your special day.

  6. On your special day, I wish you for good health and happy life. Happy birthday grandma.

  7. You are extraordinary women who have the power of solving of all problems. Happy birthday powerful grandma, Love you.

  8. Your wrinkles are telling the story of your beautiful journey; it was amazing as you are. Happy birthday my sweet grandma.

  9. You gave me everything .Thank you Grandma. Wishing you a very happy birthday my lovely grandma.

  10. Happy Birthday Grandma, You are perfect in every field such as cooking, gardening, advising, pampering and shopping. Love You.

Happy birthday grandma

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Short Messages for Grandmother

  1. I wish your day is filled with love and happiness. Happy Birthday Grandma.

  2. I remember your all stories and the time we spend together. Happy Birthday my cute Grandma.

  3. Happy birthday Grandma, you are my role model and my best friend. I love You.

  4. On your birthday, I am sending you love, kisses and hugs. Happy birthday Grandma.

  5. You are my best friend and my biggest supporter also. Happy birthday grandma, love you.

  6. Everything which is learnt by you made me a better person. Happy Birthday Grandma.

  7. You are the shining part of my life. Happy Birthday Grandma.

  8. Thank you for all things like laugh, memories and appreciation. Happy Birthday Sweet Grandma.

  9. Happy Birthday Grandma. You are my cookies baker and inspiration chef.

  10. Happy Birthday Grandma, you are my storyteller, teacher and hand holder.

Happy birthday granny

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Happy Birthday Messages for Grandmother

  1. A grandmother’s heart is full of love and affection. Happy birthday Grandmother.

  2. My grandmother is special because she remembers all my accomplishment and forgets all my mistakes. Happy birthday Grandmother.

  3. You are so sweet like your cookies that you baked me. Happy Birthday My Beloved Grandmother.

  4. You are my superwomen because you did everything for our family. Happy Birthday Loving Grandmother.

  5. Happy Birthday Grandmother, You made me happy and calm always. Thank you.

  6. My grandmother as beautiful as rainbow and flowers. Happy Birthday Grandmother.

  7. There is no gift that expresses my love for you. Happy Birthday My Loving Grandmother.

  8. You are my cute and world’s best grandmother. Happy Birthday Grandmother. I love you.

  9. My Grandmother is my first inspiration. Happy Birthday My Cute Grandmother.

  10. If god gives me right to choose grandmother, I would choose you again and again. Happy Birthday Grandmother.

Wishing You A Happy Birthday Grandma.

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Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandma

  1. Hey grandma, you are still with me in every situation of life. Whenever I feel down, I just think about you and I got immense strength of so tackling things. Happy birthday My Grandma in heaven

  2. You were the best motivator for me who taught me what mistakes I should avoid and what are the things I should focus on. On this day, I want to wish you a very happy birthday grandmother.

  3. The most precious gift that God has ever given me was You my Loving grandma. Happy Birthday to you my Grandmother in Heaven.

  4. If I was a poet then I should have written millions of poems for you my grandmother and still its not possible to describe that how important was you in my life. Happy Birthday to the mazing person who ever walked on this planet, My grandma in heaven.

  5. I made many mistakes, but you were the only person who supported me all the time. I know that I will never find a person like you in my whole life, Happy Birthday Grandma.

  6. On your birthday, you are not with us. But I know everyone will be celebrating your birthday because they must have never seen person like you. Happy birthday granny.

  7. Your eyes and warm smile still make me feel that you are with me, A very happy birthday to my grandma and I hope we will meet again in heaven for sure.

  8. I want to go back to the time when you were in your teen age. I want to spend sometime for that awesome person who I call love of my life my grandma.

  9. I got very less time to live with a caring and kind person like you. Yes, I needed more time to be in the shadow of your love. But you will be always the queen of my heart. Happy Birthday grandma.

  10. You were the symbol of love, compassion, care and kindness. There can never be a person like you in this whole planet. Thanks for being the very vital part of my life.

  11. The award for the Best Grandmother of this planet goes to you my loving grandma. I know you are not here to take this award but in heaven you must be feeling happy because this award is given by your grandson to you. Happy birthday Grandmother.

  12. Hey angels, are you ready for the party tonight? it’s my wish to through a huge party for my grandma because today is her birthday. Yes, she is not with us but you have this wonderful job to make this happen. Enjoy with my grandma and we will enjoy it on earth.

  13. I don’t know much about life, but you taught me what real joy of life is. Your contribution to my life is just world class. Happy Birthday grandma.

  14. I wish I could arrange a time machine. I would love to go back in time and spend lots of time with you. Wishing you a happy Birthday My Loving and caring grandmother.

  15. In front of angle’s divine power, I am nothing. I know you are having a great party today on your birthday with angles. But I still think that my love for you my grandma is far above this whole universe. Please come back, we miss you on your birthday.

  16. I faced many problems in my life where I stuck like no one can save me. But your solutions were so easy that I just solved all my problems with in minute. Thanks grandma for everything you did for me. Happy Birthday.

  17. Wolds cannot describe me feeling for you my loving grandma but still I have one word for you! Happy Birthday to you grandma.

  18. You were unique, you were the master, you were the captain, you were great as a human being. But your love and kindness were not of this world, it was just of supernatural powers happy Birthday grandma.

  19. Great person like you needed for this planet, But you were so great that even God wanted you back into the heaven. So He called you but still we are happy because we lived with a person even God wanted for heaven. Happy Birthday grandma.

  20. You were the bond that keeps all of us together. As you are in heaven, your teachings are with us and see we all are still together. Happy birthday grandma.

Happy birthday Quotes for Grandma In Heaven

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Happy Birthday Grandma Wishes From Grand Son

  1. Hey grandma, your grandson is wishing you a happy birthday. I wish that we will cut the cake soon as I am very hungry.

  2. I wish that you live long with us because there is no other person who can glue this whole family together. Happy birthday Grandma from your grandson.

  3. Your warm hugs to me, your loving kisses, your love and you care made me so happy that I cannot imagine my life with you. Happy Birthday from Your grandson.

  4. Your taught me many lessons of life, I have no words wo express my gratitude for you my grandma, your grandson will always be thankful to you. Happy Birthday.

  5. My eyes fill with tears of joy when I look at your face because your grandson is alive just because of your unconditional love. Happy Birthday Grandma.

  6. You are so young and cheerful from your heart. Age is just a number for you, my loving grandma. Happy birthday to you.

  7. You are my best friends, my sister, my mom and My God. Your grandson is nothing without you. Happy Birthday grandma.

  8. My hearty greetings for my grandma, on your birthday I pray that you live for 100 more years.

  9. You never let your grandson think that he has only one mother. Yes I am the only person on this earth who is having two loving mothers. Happy Birthday to my most amazing Grandma.

  10. I never cried, I never felt alone, I never felt down because I know I have world’s best support with me and this is my wonderful grandma. Happy birthday.

Grandma Birthday Quotes from Grandson

Happy Birthday Grandma Quotes from Granddaughter

  1. I don’t believe in fictional characters, but suddenly I looked at you and thought Why can’t they exist. Happy birthday grandma from your granddaughter.

  2. A motivator, a care taker, a doctor, a guide, a mentor, all in one person. Yes, it is you my grandma. On this birthday your granddaughter is wishing you a very happy birthday.

  3. My only wish to God is that I become like my grandmother. Of course, your granddaughter wants to look beautiful like you. Happy Birthday grandma

  4. My eyes, nose, lips, personality attitude and thinking everything is just a copy of you. And I feel that I am very lucky to have all these qualities in me.

  5. You faced so many problems in life but you always stood like a mountain, I have never seen a lady of so fighting spirit. Your granddaughter just wants to be like you. Happy birthday grandma.

  6. Even a young woman cannot so many qualities in her as you did. Happy birthday grandma.

  7. Shopping, pampering, baking, cooking, gardening and many more. In short, it seems that my grandma is a Superwoman, Happy birthday grandma.

  8. I don’t know much about heaven. But I don’t want to go to the heaven until I have my grandmother. Your granddaughter loves you so much. Happy birthday.

  9. Lessons that are taught by teacher in school are good, but the best one was taught by my grandmother. Here you granddaughter is wishing you a lovely Happy Birthday.

  10. I love my mom very much but she can never be as graceful and cheerful like you. Happy birthday to the best lady on this planet my grandma.

Grandma Happy Birthday Quotes Grand Daughter

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Happy Birthday Grandma Wishes With Images

Happy Birthday, Grandma, I love you and hope you have a day as wonderful as your cooking.

Happy Birthday to My Grandma Quotes

Happy Birthday Great Grandma Quotes

Grandma Happy Birthday Quotes

Grandma Birthday Quotes

Grandma Birthday Quotes with Birthday Cap.

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